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Students are allowed a maximum of three online/onsite unexcused absences per school year; valid emergencies are exempt.
Students must live within the same area school district for at least two years.
Students must not have had any major disciplinary issues (ex: 4 or more suspensions per year, expulsions).
Students' parents/guardians must sign a contract in agreement with the school program.
Students must be able to work independently without supervision.
Students must turn in all academic assignments on time.
Students must be on time for classes and dress according to the school's dress code (ex: no sagging pants for males, no skirts higher than the knee for females) (onsite only).
​Students must report to all online classes on time.
Students must be respectful and courteous to staff.
Students must be prepared to take the WRAT4 test.


This site is only intended to enable applicants to apply for online learning. It is the sole discretion of the non-public school to offer admission to its applicants, and it will make this decision based on numerous factors.  The registrant must provide a copy of a birth certificate, proof of residency, valid transcripts, and attendance records with his/her application.  Using the advice on this site by no means guarantees admission.  This site will accept no responsibility for the acceptance or denial of admission to the potential students of this program. If you find this policy unacceptable, please refrain from applying to OLTC.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this disclaimer, please email us at