Course Fee Per Month: 12 Month Payment Option*

First student

Sibling (applicable when the first

student buys at least 4 courses)

Number of CoursesPer Course/MonthTotal Per Month
Annual TotalPer Course/Month
Total Per Month
Annual Total
Buy 1 course$30$30$360$25$25$300
Buy 2 courses
Buy 3 courses
Buy 4 courses
Buy 5 courses
Buy 6 courses

When a family enrolls one child in 6 courses, the 6th course is free ($150 instead of $180 listed).  When 2-4 children from the same family enroll in our program, the cost for six courses is $125 (the 6th course is free) up to the 5th child.  Any child after the 5th in the same family will be assessed an additional $50 charge.

Teacher-Supported Courses

GradesPer Course FeeApplied Fee
K-5Full Year$900
6-8Full Year$900
Semester AP Courses$500

Additional Purchase Options for World Language Courses


Per Course Fee:

Course Only

Applied Fee
K-8Full Year$300
9-12Full Year$1,000

*Partial payments can be made monthly, bi-monthly (double the monthly amount every two months), or quarterly (triple the monthly amount every three months).  The annual amount must be paid in full by the end of the academic year.  Failure to do so may result in loss of continued enrollment and any requested documentation will not be issued.

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