Student participants are to conduct themselves in the same manner in which they would when working for an employer.  No profanity, obscene gestures, semantics, or vulgarity will be permitted.  Participants will maintain a professional and positive learning environment at all times.  Conduct of individual students must be satisfactory in order to carry out the lessons of instruction to the maximum benefit of the students.  Anyone who is identified to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol (unless authorized by a medical doctor) while on the school campus will be subject to expulsion (onsite only).

In addition, violations of any of our policies will result in the student returning to his/her regular school district immediately; only one violation will be excused.

​1. Verbal warning

2. Written warning with conference

3. Student will not be able to return for one semester

4. Final action will be return to his/her regular school district without delay

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