Please complete the form below to register for our online, academic K-12 program and in-house curriculum; all fields with a red * are required.  When finished, click on the "Submit form" button to submit your information to OLTC.  Registration is considered to be complete only when the information below is on file and verified with a notification sent by the Admissions Office; this includes the results from the online pre-admission assessment tests.  Each registered student will use the last four digits of his/her own Social Security number as the assigned number.  All results will be forwarded to you when registration is complete and enrollment is accepted.

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We offer 3.0 continuing education units (CEUs) for in-house teachers and instructors.  Online is the preferred method, but it can be done onsite for an additional $50.00.  Onsite classes will only last four weeks in preparation for the online lessons.  In order to earn these CEUs, you must attend the entire program; future verification requirements (ex: state ID/driver's license) may vary by state.  The cost is $450.00 ($150.00 per CEU).  Please make sure that all fees are paid in full prior to the start of the program.


This site is only intended to enable applicants to apply for online learning. It is the sole discretion of the non-public school to offer admission to its applicants, and it will make this decision based on numerous factors. The registrant must provide a copy of a birth certificate, proof of residency, valid transcripts, and attendance records with his/her application. Using the advice on this site by no means guarantees admission. This site will accept no responsibility for the acceptance or denial of admission to the potential students of this program. If you find this policy unacceptable, please refrain from applying to OLTC. If you have any questions or comments regarding this disclaimer, please email us at oltcinc@oltc.us.