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Rate-e-Rate is a program designed to assist all students, schools, and districts in becoming technology-ready regardless of any ethnic or socioeconomic background.  This funding program will help you to adopt a set of guidelines for the provision of technology services for students, and encourages their respective districts to develop complementary guidelines to direct their own technology efforts and become tech-ready.

With the rapid increase in knowledge about technology, both overall and specifically, Rate-e-Rate is now in the position of organizing many diverse services and activities into a coherent plan of providing high-quality technology services in a timely, effective, and efficient manner.

The Rate-e-Rate technology funding program consists of ten steps with a consultant to assist your school district in becoming technology-ready:

1.  Register via the letter of intent form, which can be accessed by clicking
here.  A notice stating that a district has been approved to register will be sent to the

approved administrator's email address within 2-3 weeks.

2.  When all information is verified, you may apply for technology funding by clicking here.

3.  Click
here to view a sample cost of technological needs; these costs may vary from year to year and by order requested.

4.  Provide an effective referral and evaluation process to identify the technology needs of individuals with and without disabilities.

5.  Gather, synthesize, and disseminate information about technology options to all interested districts.

6.  Provide consultative and technical services to ensure that high quality technology

is available and functioning for students who have been determined to need it and

have available to individuals an option to reinforce their learning capabilities.

7.  Provide training opportunities and demonstrations of effective uses of technology.

8.  Coordinate loan libraries of technology equipment and materials for evaluation by professional staff and for trial and/or long-term use by students with disabilities.

9.  Ensure the collaboration of all relevant parties in developing technology

recommendations for students through the coordination of staff and services provided by its partners in the community.

10.  Ensure that innovative and exemplary services are provided for students through ongoing evaluation of technology activities and their effectiveness for students who receive technology services.

This is how we become technology-ready!!